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Selection of Works

Eli Eli (2015) Choir and string quintet
La Guitarra (2014) Chamber choir and guitar
Lament (2014) String trio and samples
Farewell (2013) solo accordion
Verdwijnende beroepen (2013) 4 pieces for accordions and instruments
Lamentations (2013) chamber choir
De Noordewind (2012) mezzo-soprano, choir and 2 accordions
(It takes) 2 2 Tango (2011) 2 accordions
Greetingz (2011) saxophone quartet
Cleopatra passing (2010) orchestra
Bye (2009) viola and accordeon
Herschepping (2009) chamber choir with harp
Turning Point (2009) two harps and mezzo soprano
Trail (2009) piano quartet
GREEN (2008) chamber choir with large ensemble
Didgeridoo (2007) organ and saxophone quartet
Tempest (2007) orchestra
Fever (2005) chamber choir a cappella
The cry of the peacocks (2005) chamber choir a cappella
Tijdvaarders (2005) Three soloists, choir and Orkest De Volharding
Morgen (2004) mezzo soprano, 12 wind instruments, piano, double bass and soundtracks
Sun (2004) orchestra
Beat (2003) piano solo
RECYCLE! (2002) oboe, clarinet B flat, alto saxophone, bassclarinet and bassoon
Something wicked (2002) flute, piano and samples
Breakdance (2002) harp solo
Hans en Grietje (2001) soprano, harp, cello and percussion
Hans en Grietje (2001) soprano and ensemble
Nachtzien (2000) chamber choir a cappella
De tuin sneeuwt langzaam vol (2000) chamber choir a cappella
Flow (1999) flute and piano
Bird (1999) panflute and guitar
Kogelvrij glas (1999) percussion and tape (stage music)
En wat dan? (1998) chamber choir, clarinet, string quintet and percussion
Cyclus (1998) piano
Flessenpost (1998) (bass-)clarinet, organ, guitar (stage music)
Signals (1997) oboe, flute, violin, cello, 2 guitars
Nacht (1997) soprano, flute, harp, guitar, mandolin
Dialogo (1997) flute, guitar
Aroma (1996)    mandolin, guitar
Insomnio (1996) flute, bass-clarinet, bassoon, harp, piano, vibraphone, violin, viola, guitar, mandolin, percussion
Shattered silence (1996) solo piano
PULS (1996) 2 electric guitars
En wat dan? (1995) soprano, accordion, marimba, percussion
Wind (1995) flute, alto-sax, baritone-sax, clarinet Bb
Kangaroo Music (1995) bass-clariner, marimba, percussion
Arabesque (1995) 2 pianos
Cantico (1994) saxophone-quartet
Hink-Stap-Sprong! (1994) clarinet Bb, piano
Low Dance (1993) bass-clarinet, percussion
Four winds (1993) clarinet-quartet
Danza II (1992) solo violin
Scherzo (1992) solo piano
Rondeel voor Oktober    (1992) 4-part mixed choir
Carrousel (1992) flute, oboe, clarinet Bb, bassoon
Run! (1991) clarinet Bb, piano
Kwartet voor Rick (1990) guitar quartet