(bass-)clarinet, organ, guitar (stage music)
The music for Flessenpost was written for Jeugdtheater Sonnevanck.
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Flessenpost (bottle mail) is a music theater performance for three players and three musicians, on the borderline between theater and opera. I wrote the music for this play for Theatergroep Sonnevanck.

An error was made. You were born in the wrong family by accident. You would rather have lived with your neighbors. But preferably with your grandmother. Instead, you're stuck with a mother who means well, but doesn't understand you. And with a brother that you would prefer to throttle.

This is the story of Alba, a girl between barbie and bra, who would rather be angry than scared and who wants to stand on her own two feet as soon as possible: be cool, be tough, be a girl! But then a fight breaks out over an inheritance, Christmas is ruined because daddy is snowed in and someone's birthday is forgotten.

In the face of all absurd family events, there is Grandma Mieselwitz's wit and wisdom. With her, Alba finds the peace and space to grow up slowly in a world that demands that you become a personality as soon as possible.