Kogelvrij glas

percussion and tape (stage music)
The music for Kogelvrij Glas was written for Jeugdtheater Sonnevanck.
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Kogelvrij Glas (Bulletproof Glass) is a spectacle for five players, a percussionist and electronic music. A play about the way in which two cultures became intertwined and about the dilemmas and emotions that are the result of that for people today.

In a modern, hyper-secure museum, a girl's face hangs behind bulletproof glass. Is she real...? No, it's an art object. A very beautiful mask that was stolen long ago from a distant, foreign culture. A precious possession.
But at night, when the cleaners who work in the museum open the display case and put on the mask, she comes alive.

In her homeland, Prince Rama still mourns his kidnapped Sita. He wants revenge and a way to get her back. Then his army commander comes up with a crazy plan...
Great is the joy in the museum when the mask of Rama is acquired and the valuable collection is complete. But no one suspects that bringing in this foreign treasure has bought the museum its own demise. Battle erupts, struggle for all that is wealth and for the right to possess it.
Only, does Sita really want to go back...?