Sun was written for the Limburgs Symfonie Orkest, and commissioned by Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst.
Published by Donemus

Sun is the story of the journey made by the sun between sunrise and sunset.

In the composition a warm, friendly sun rises in a landscape of dawn with long notes, trills and tremoli.The sun itself is a slow melody that also becomes the bearer of much harmony. Melody and harmony are to me like the warmth and beauty of the morning sun. As the music progresses, the sun rises in all its greatness, and the world becomes warmer and more and more sunny. As the hours pass, everything starts to move more and more. The music becomes wilder, the sun becomes a flaming fire-ball that devours everything, and rises with a rhythmical wild crescendo to its zenith in the middle of the composition.
After this all tension slowly dies away in a long morendo-movement to the end and the music becomes more and more quiet and calm. In the end everything is embedded once more in long trills and tremolos, an evening landscape full of harmony, in which the melody of the sun slowly sets.

Sun ends in the total rest of the beginning.