mezzo soprano, 12 wind instruments, piano, double bass and soundtracks
Morgen was written for Orkest De Volharding and mezzo-soprano Antje Lohse.
Published by Donemus
image for Morgen

In this composition I wanted to explore the possibilities to blend the live Orkest De Volharding with samples. I also wanted to make music about the power and the madness of beauty. So I used a beautiful live (and also sampled) mezzo-soprano that talks, whispers and sings about all the beautiful things in life like flowers or the morning sun (there are a lot of flower names to be heard). But she also utters hysteric rhythmic laughs, shouts and soprano shrieks, together with very rhythmical notes and quartertones from the Volharding. And at other times the music sounds like a 21st century renaissance consort.

The beauty of Morgen is that it shows very different kinds of beauty, that yet all belong to the same world.