Turning Point

For two harps and mezzo soprano
The turning point was commissioned by Duo Bilitis, with financial support of the Fonds Podiumkunsten.
Published by Donemus

The Turning Point is a song about choices in life.

The Turning Point

The calm night is returning

The fire still burning

the colours are turning

Here's the point of the turning


But I fear the things I might be learning,

so the choice inside is burning:

forward or returning?

If I could only choose...


When you have reached the point of no return

the point is to turn and return

That is the turning point


Every life has a turning point

and as we reach our point of no return

we pause, then we turn


And in turning, we begin to reflect

and see things that we never saw before

because we reflect ourselves in others


It is as if we are looking in a mirror

In its brilliant reflection we can see

the shining illusion of our own mind

It feels as if we are looking at the sun

Our mind is like sunshine!