(It takes) 2 2 Tango

For 2 accordions
(It takes) 2 2 Tango was written for the accordion duo Toeac (Pieternel Berkers and Renée Bekkers).
Published by Donemus

Music is communication. I like to share my emotions with the musicians for whom I write the music. And subsequently also with the public hearing the music. In order to En vervolgens ook met het publiek dat die muziek hoort. To tell my story, I have to speak clearly.
For me, emotions are difficult to catch in calculated models and constructions devised in advance. The music should come straight from the heart.

That's why I like to hear the instruments played by the musicians for whom I am going to write. And what can be better than recording their play, and with that their emotions. You can't get any closer! For this work we 'sampled' some musical emotions from Toeac.

When composing I then proceeded as with a collage: I cut the recorded music into small pieces (samples), and regrouped and combined those pieces again and again.
By placing all those snippets in a new context, all kinds of musical movements emerged naturally, with their own melodic, harmonic and rhythmic meanings. And so a musical collage slowly appeared, a new form, composed of material contributed by the accordionists and recycled into (It takes) 2 2 Tango!