Verdwijnende beroepen

4 pieces for accordions and instruments
Verdwijnende beroepen was commissioned by Stichting Balkenbrij.
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image for Verdwijnende beroepen

As part of the Helmond Wind Force Festival, the Gemeentemuseum Helmond organised project Passionair in 2013/2014, where the interactive installation titled Bass Wind 120 of artist Noralie was exposed. This was, like the accordion, a bellows instrument, but unlike the accordion an instrument that had to be played by multiple players working together. Especially for this exposition the new composition Verdwijnende beroepen (disappearing professions) for accordion and ensemble was composed.

The composition consists of four short pieces in which the accordion plays together with one or more other instruments. The theme of the composition was "Disappearing professions", in line with the collection of Gemeentemuseum Helmond.