Eli, Eli, lama azabthani

For chamber choir and string quintet
Eli Eli lama azabthani was written in 2015 commissioned by the Hollands Vocaal Ensemble.
Published by Donemus

Eli, Eli lama azabthani - My God, my God, why have Thou left me?

This music reflects my emotions about the human misery caused by the endless war in Syria.

Eli Eli Lama azabthani

rahok mi'shu'ati dibreh sha'agati

tola'at ve'lo ish herpat adam u'bzui am

Sebabuni kelabim adat mere'im hikifuni ka'ari yadai ve'raglai

Hasila me'hereb nafshi mi'yad keleb yehidati

Elohai ekra yomam ve'lo ta'ane ve'laila ve'lo dumiya li

Hoshi'eni mi'pi aryeh u'mi'karneh remim anitani

Ve'Ata kadosh yosheb tehilot Yisrael

My God, my God, why have You forsaken me

Why are You so far from saving me, so far from my cries of anguish?

But a worm am I, and not a man; scorn of man and despised by the people

Dogs have surrounded me, a company of evil doers has enclosed me; as a lion at my hand and feet

Rescue my soul form the sword, from the grip of the dog, my very soul

My God, I call out by day but You do not answer; and at night there is no relief for me

Deliver me from the lions' mouth; from the horn of the unicorn. You have answered me

You, Holy One, are enthroned upon the praises of Israel