Me Miseram quid agam

For western and Arabic soprano, kaval, fujara and chamber choir
Me Miseram was written in 2021 for Studium Chorale, commissioned by the Fonds Podiumkunsten.
Published by Donemus

'Me miseram, quid agam' is a Latin text, which means 'I am so sad, what can I do?'. And 'et nescio ubi posuerunt Eum' - 'I don't know where they put him'. And there is a second, Arabic voice singing 'min al aamaq sarakhtu ilayka, yaa rab' which means 'from the depths I call to you, oh Lord'.
The two women sing together, but each with her own melody.

For me the two women - one western and one Arabic - sing about the same: they feel sad and desparate about the loss of a loved one, and they don't know where he is or where to find him.
It is terrible to lose someone you love, and that feels the same in all cultures.

Combining western and eastern cultures in this music shows that they share common ground, which suggests that the communication between east and west should be less difficult than you might think.